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Why KOHLER Generators?

Transcription of video:

Ed: There is no doubt about it, we now live in a plugged in society. Years ago, if you lost your power, you'd pull out your board games, light a few candles, and that usually got you through the event. But today, with home offices, some family members who may require special needs, and of course the Internet, a loss of power for a few hours, nevermind a few days, can be a tough even to go through.

Another tough thing to go through is choosing the right generator for your home. I'm here with Melanie from KOHLER. Now Melanie, tell us why KOHLER is such a great choice.

Melanie: Well first of all, Ed, KOHLER generators are very reliable. We've been building generators for over ninety years, so we definitely know what we're doing. We put a commercial-grade engine in every generator that we build, so you know if you have a KOHLER generator behind your house, you have a reliable source that's going to back you up when you need it.

They're very powerful units. We have generators that can power everything from lights and sump pumps, to heavy air conditioning units and even sensitive electronics.

,Ed: And that's a senstive issue, because in the traits, we look for a thing called clean power. Can you tell us a little more about that?

Melanie: Absolutely. What you are talking about there is high quality power. Your senstive elctronics need a high quality power source, or they can actually be damaged. So, when you are using a KOHLER generator, you know you are doing the best you can to protect those very valuable pieces of equipment.

Best of all, KOHLER generators are very fast. Within ten seconds of a power outage, you will have power restored to your home so you can go on living without interruption.

Ed: And being in the business, I love the warranty. You know that KOHLER generators offer a five year, 2,000 hour warranty. To get more information on KOHLER generators, please continue to browse the Knowledge Center or send and email to info@rtmarineinc.com.

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