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How Do Standby Generators Work?

Transcription of video:

Ed: Hi, I'm Ed Del Grande, and today I'll show you how a Standby Generator System actually works. This is an on-site demonstration, so you'll see exactly how quickly a standby generator responds during and emergency. Let's start at the transfer switch.

Okay. Right here, this is our transfer switch. Now, you can see by this display that the electricity's coming from the street, directly into the home. But, when I trip this breaker, that's going to simulate a power failure. When the transfer switch senses that, it will automatically start up the generator. And when the generator is ready, the transfer switch will send that power back into the home.

The cool thing is, this whole process should only take about ten seconds. So, here we go!

Ed trips the breaker.

Ed: Okay, here comes the transfer switch... there's the generator... there's the lights going on meaning the generator is starting to make power, there's the lights! And life in this home is back to normal!

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